If it’s April, It Must Be Rockieontheroad Time!!!!

Thursday March 31st begins this year’s installment of “On The Road Again” version 2022. I will begin in the Philippines hiking volcanoes, paddling down an underground river, rafting over waterfalls, hanging out on world famous Boracay’s white sandy beaches, visiting terraced rice paddies, and viewing the macabre site of occupied coffins hanging off the side of a mountain cliff.

Then back to Bali for more Hindi Temples, more terraced rice paddies, hiking up more volcanoes, exploring hidden waterfalls, and loafing on more tropical beaches.

From Bali I will travel to Bangkok and hangout for a few days before traveling north to the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos all meet then float south back down the Mekong River.

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From Thailand I will fly to Katmandu for 14 days of trekking along the 140 mile Annapurna Circuit reaching altitudes of over 16,000 feet in elevation. The trek offers beautiful views of the 8,000 meter Annapurna mastiff as well as well as other lesser but also beautiful mountains and alpine lakes.

Then on to New Delhi for a few days rest before a 17 day trek/tour through Kashmir located in the northwest Himalaya area of India. On this trek we will visit and explore the Himalaya towns, villages and lakes of Srinagar, Dal Lake, Pahalgam, Pampore (The Saffron Valley), Gulmarg, Doodpathri, Naranag, Tronkholi, Gangabal, Narangag, Sonmarg, Kargil, Leh, Magnetic Hill, the Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, and Chandanwari. During the trek/tour we will visit several ancient monasteries, stupas, floating gardens, floating markets, Regional Bazars, and visit with Shepards in their mud huts.

From India I will fly to Khartoum, Sudan to explore and tour the pyramids of the lower Nile Kingdom and follow the Nile south through Sudan to South Sudan where I will visit with the five major tribes that make up most of the population of South Sudan and spend a day and night in each of the village with the tribes. After leaving Juba I will travel further south to Uganda following the Nile to its source in Northern Lake Victoria.

In Uganda I will visit and raft the Nile below the Murchinson Falls then travel west and south to Queen Elizabeth National Park in search of the famous tree climbing Lions and to make a chimpanzee trek to spend part of a day photographing chimpanzees up close and personal. From there I will venture further south and spend a day/night in with the Batwa tribe of forest pigmy in southern Uganda.

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Crossing the border into Rwanda then on to the border town of Gisenyi to transfer to a boat to cross over to the Tchegera Island Camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After spending a few days on Tchegara Island and canoeing the waters of Lake Kivu I will fly to Nairobi then Mombassa to spend four nights resting and relaxing on the beach at the Swahili Beach Resort. After I recharge my batteries in Kenya I will fly to Malawi and spend a week touring Lilongwe, the Chongoni Rock Art Paintings, Mpalale Dance Village, Zaburi Beach, hiking Mulanje Mountain, touring the Satemwa Tea Estates and visiting the sites in Blantyre.

From Malawi I will fly to Matupo, Mozambique and tour the south half of the country before spending the month of September exploring the sites and delicacies of South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg, to Durbin and the Kruger National Park.

In October I intend to return to Kenya to trek up Mount Kenya (17,000 feet). Then if I have any energy left I will cross the border into Tanzania to make a second attempt at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet).

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I may have a couple of weeks left before returning to the United States – anyone have any suggestions of where I should go or things I should do to finish this years adventure? Open to suggestions.

Watch for future blogs of my travels and adventures….

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  1. Sharon says:

    Have fun and eat healthy!

  2. Manzoor Hussain says:

    All the very best for year 2022

  3. Kaylana says:

    Watch out, World! Rockie’s on the loose again! 😂 wishing you a rewarding trip. 🤗

  4. Imeldasalgado says:

    Explore the beauty of Philippines Sir
    Pearl of the Orient sea .

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